Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm aliiiiiiiive

Sorry for the lack of posts again... I graduated from college on the 8th, and my life has been CHAOS since then. I have a temporary job that doesn't pay too well (well, it pays well enough, it's just a miniscule amount of hours) continuing in the library at Furman. But that only lasts through May, and I need to have enough money saved up for the deposit on my new apartment by July 1st. I'm staying with my boyfriend's "aunt" (his mother's best friend) who is delightful and wonderful and a seriously nice lady whom I appreciate and adore immensely for letting me stay with her. The July 1 deadline is out of respect for her. I can't stomach living off of a sweet older lady for any longer than that. Sooooo if I don't have a stable job by then, it's back off to Florida for me. Which, I suppose, in the scheme of things wouldn't be all that terrible.

That having been send, I'm having a heck of a time finding a job. Or jobs to even apply for, that's how scarce they are. I earned my Bachelor's in English, but I'm even comfortable working outside that realm-- really, would kind of prefer to, at least for a while-- and I'm still having a hard time.

Needless to say, funds are a little strapped. But in spite of that, I've procured some seriously cute items thanks to my mad thrifting skillz. My beau's bff is getting married tomorrow, so I splashed a little cash on a cute strapless number that I'll be sure to snag a few shots off for you guys. I'll probably take a few shots of some of my recent thrifting scores as well.

But anyway! Didn't want you to think I'd up and died. I'll be back to posting more regularly as soon as things have calmed down a little bit.


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