Monday, June 7, 2010

flirty skirty

Soooo close to thirty followers! I'm going to start getting things together for that giveaway I promised. :) I'm excited! Thanks guys!

In other news, camera is still lost/misplaced/hiding. CELL PHONE PICS ARE SO AWKWARD.

Or maybe I'm just awkward. Haha. Anyway, please bear with the crap quality for a bit longer until Mr. Camera is ousted from wherever he may lurk.

This outfit is 100% thrifted. Because, let's face it. Even if I wasn't completely broke, I'd probably still only thrift. I LOVE A GOOD DEAL.

In the process of taking these photos, however, I discovered that the lining of the lovely red pencil skirt was a little too stuffy for the weather we've been enjoying in SC this summer. It's already up to 96 degrees these days, so I swapped it out for a shorter, lighter skirt, to this effect:

This skirt is also thrifted. And pink. And I think from ON's maternity line? IDC. xD


  1. I love the skirts. :p
    I wear anything even maternity lol. If it fits and looks nice, it don't matter to me.

  2. Thanks, Gazel! Ikr? I really don't pay much attention to tags anymore. I didn't even notice it said maternity until I was putting it on. xD