Monday, May 27, 2013

Sequined Sack Dress

Hello loves! To those of you enjoying a day off of work today, hope it's the best! And those of you who are stuck working, I still hope it's the best! ;)

I normally wear this dress belted because of it's blocky sack shape, but today I decided that was exactly the look I was going for. I don't feel bound to constantly highlight my narrowest part, and it's definitely been liberating since I made that decision. I'm fat and I will be no matter what I wear, so I may as well wear whatever I want and get down with my bad self. And it's a blast!

blush sequined dress, lys by kmart. strapless slip (underneath), lace-up sandals, cato.


  1. You go hon! :) You look lovely!
    Love the dress, such a pretty color on you!

  2. Love this, I think it feels awesome when you just dress yourself however you like instead of how you're "supposed" to. Sometimes a sack dress just feels perfect especially now the weather is warming up. :)

    1. Exactly!! It's a freeing feeling when you decide you love yourself enough to do what you want!