Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blue Dress Social

Hello my lovelies! I wore this dress today to try out a new church. It's one of my closet staples because it's so easy to just toss on. I love outfits that require minimal fuss!

blue lattice collar dress, ross. t-strap studded sandals, kmart.

We just moved to my husband's hometown, so it's been interesting-- seems like everywhere we go he sees someone he knows from way back when. I'm excited to start to get to know people here as well. Sometimes it's tough to push past my Anxiety, though. I try to take things at my own pace and not feel bad if I'm just not feeling up to anything. It's a struggle but some days are definitely better than others, and I'm getting through it! It might take me a little longer than most but I know I'll make a lot of new friends in time. :)


  1. That dress is just wonderful.
    And anxiety sucks and is dumb, but I'm sure you'll make some awesome friends. It's actually one of the things I'm most terrified about moving—not meeting new people, but my anxiety stopping me from doing so, you know? It's something to push through sometimes and then ease up on at others. You'll do excellently. :)