Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crop Top and Sparrows

One of the best (only good?) things about moving is rediscovering stuff I forgot I had. We've taken car load after car load of stuff to the local thrift store to donate, but there were a few gems I was way too excited to enjoy all over again. One of those things being this pair of earrings, circa my junior year of college, when I was taking my first baby steps into the body positive movement. How cute are they?! I remember I didn't wear them much back then because my super long, thick hair always got tangled in them. Obviously that's not an issue for me anymore, so yay!

I decided to wear them with my first-ever crop top! I got this little cutie for a whopping $6.50. They had a cute tropical print too, but I figured classy, solid black would be a bit more versatile for my wardrobe. What do you think? I'm digging the wrap back.

crop top, kmart. geometric harem pants, ross. lace-up booties, burke's outlet. sparrow hoops, torrid.


  1. So I was going through my blogger and looking at blogs and when I saw this at first I thought you were wearing the same outfit that I'm wearing on my current blog post and I was going to be like were twins. But then I realized they are different but they are very similar. But yeah those earrings are so cute and I love the outfit.


    1. I thought the same thing when I saw your post, haha! I guess great minds think alike! Thanks, Nina. :D