Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ikat and White

Hey there, lovelies! PHEW. So, the reason I went a little MIA there is because I started having some major anxiety issues again. I was having some panic attacks and I really had to just take things easy until my doctor could see me. Fortunately he was able to fit me in, and we did a little tinkering with my dosage. So far so good. I think maybe it was triggered by my recent interest in exercising so much. Supposedly that can trigger panic attacks in people who have anxiety. To me that's a little ironic since I've always heard that excercise is sooo beneficial to your mental health. Not for me, haha! Now that my dosage has been upped I'm slowly starting to incorporate exercise back in.

So these photos are actually from a couple weeks ago, before all that unpleasantness. It's already too hot for long sleeves here, if you can believe it. But at the time, this breezy blouse was just the right amount of coverage and lightweight fabric for that bizarre in between weather. Also, I love that little cutout on the back, but I could NOT get that little flap of fabric on the inside to quit sticking up. I guess I'll put a little stitch in there to hold it down.

I know there's some rule about what part of the year you're "supposed" to wear white pants, but honestly I don't even know what it is. I am so disinterested in any kind of fashion "rules," it's ridiculous! I do what I want. ;)

Anywho, things are getting back to normal around here, so yay! Hope all of you are doing fabulously as well.

white skinnies, dots. ikat print top, old navy. earrings and necklace, thrifted. beige booties,