Friday, March 13, 2015

Sequined Sweater Dress

When this post reaches you, I will be knee deep in the trenches of youth. Haha! No, really. We are volunteering to help out with a youth retreat for church this weekend. I'm a little excited and a little nervous. Mostly nervous because of my fun friend Mr. Anxiety, but so far I'm making it through. I was never involved with a youth group when I was a kid, so part of me is looking forward to sharing that experience. Even if it's as a lame adult! ;)

We'll be home Sunday, so hopefully I'll have another round of outfits to share starting Monday. I'm hoping for shorts, but we'll see what the weather has in mind.

You may have noticed that I made a few minor improvements to the blog layout. I thought it was time to update things just a little bit. Overall I'm still happy with the clean, basic design. But my header image still had me rocking super long red locks, which hasn't been the case for over a year now! I hope you like the fresh touches.

I bought this sweater dress ages ago. I was hoping to wear it for NYE... and then ended up ringing in the new year in pajamas. No regrets! Anyway, I look fab in it, and that's what counts, right?

Well, I'm hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! Hopefully I will survive mine as well. See you on the flip side!

sequined sweater dress and heeled booties, ross. earrings, target. scarab midi ring, etsy. lipstick, maybelline color whisper in a berry ready.


  1. Whoa whoa, sexy! I so love this look.

  2. You're so cute! I'm glad I found you on the FB fatshion group. I just love this dress on you, shows off those awesome curves just right. I love the armhole cut outs, too. They give nice ease for shoulders that I would probably need haha.

    Sinead Odessa