Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fatshion February Day 14

Hey guys! <3 Today was a little crazy. I have a terrible (and I mean terrible) blood phobia. I don't mean I just get queasy when I see the stuff-- I literally faint. I can't explain it! I've just always been that way. But I also happen to have a friend who is battling Lupus (click here to find out more about her), and I know how vital a blood transfusion can be to someone in need. So when I knew there was going to be a blood drive at my job, I signed up in spite of the fact that I was terrified.

The short version is that I did it! The slightly longer version is that I almost fainted twice whilst in the process of donating, but I hung in there and made it through. Even though I've felt a bit off the rest of the day, I am so glad I did it. I hope my teeny donation can help someone in need!

Here's what I wore today! Happy Valentine's! :)

This little guy sat in the grass and watched me take all these photos! I thought it was funny because we're basically wearing the same outfit.

dress, thrifted (target). patent pink belt, target. crochet tights, kmart. flats, ross.

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