Monday, June 9, 2014

Distressed Denim

Hope everyone had a great weekend! This is what I wore to my niece's birthday yesterday. It was pretty toasty outside, so I was glad my pants were "ventilated," haha! My husband actually found these jeans for me. I probably would have passed right over them-- I'm glad he found them, because I'm in love! I know the distressed look is not to everyone's taste, but I'm starting to like it more and more. What do you think?

I bought two cute little cross-body bags to take with me on my giant roadtrip coming up soon. (Vegas, baby!) I used to think they would look "weird" on me because I'm chesty and have a belly. Honestly, the insecurities I give myself sometimes really seem ridiculous when I take the time to evaluate them. Now I want even more!

spiked flats, aviators, dots. leopard print cross-body, ross. tank, f21+. jeans, thrifted (target).

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