Monday, June 23, 2014

Jealous Pout

I've been seeing this t-shirt pop up on a lot of fatshion blogs lately, but I still had to share my version of styling it. Every fat girl should have this shirt in my opinion, haha! All those naysayers who think you shouldn't get to feel good about yourself because you're fat should just read it and weep. I'm going to do my thing regardless of what anyone has to say about it, and you should too. Eventually negative people have no choice but to move on.

I saw some two-tone lips on Pinterest and I really wanted to try it, so here's my take on that too. I think next time I'll put the darker color on the top lip. I think having the pink on top kind of made it look like I was pouting in all of these. ;) Ah well.

mustard skirt, gap outlet. jeweled belt, dots. t-shirt, f21+. earrings, thrifted. spiked sandals, marshalls.