Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fancy Pineapple

WOW-- time got away from me there! Like I promised earlier, in an effort to be more transparent and open, I'm just going to tell you the truth. Things have been STRESSFUL. My husband's hours at work have been temporarily slashed, and since we live paycheck to paycheck, I have spent the last few months scrambling to rake in as much supplemental income as possible. Basically, it's felt like standing on the precipice of a cliff from morning 'til night. We're definitely not out of the woods now, but all I can do is have faith that God will carry us through this too.

I've started a few part-time work at home jobs to get a little more money coming in, but my first priority is still my SHOP! You may have noticed it's solely eBay based now. I found that's where I was doing the best, so I moved everything over there. Please check regularly, I'm constantly adding new things! As always I try to keep prices very reasonable and have a selection of larger plus sizes available whenever possible.

Pretty soon I'm also going to start selling some hand embroidered items via Etsy! Nothing has been stocked yet, but here is a link to my shop there if you want to keep checking back! If you follow me on tumblr or twitter, you'll have seen a few images of stuff that I'm working on. I definitely want to put some fat positive pieces in there, so if you're into it, keep your eyes peeled!

Also, I just have to slow down for a second and say this: I couldn't have made it this far without the help of my readers. YOU GUYS. You are amazing and I appreciate you all. Please know that every kind word reaches my heart and stays there. :)

These outfit pictures are actually from November-- eek! They have been sitting on my laptop that long. I know, for shame. But still. That fancy pineapple sweater is pretty amazing, right?

coral jeans, lys c/o kmart. fuzzy pineapple sweater, thrifted. floppy fedora and wedge booties, kmart.

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