Sunday, June 2, 2013

Geo Print Remix

Hi lovelies! Today was such a great day. We drove up to the mountains to spend the afternoon with one of our very special friends for her graduation party. She missed her graduation ceremony to be a part of our wedding, so it was super sweet to be able to surprise her with her own special gathering. The drive up was gorgeous to boot!

I've actually posted this dress before (see here!), but I styled it a little differently this time. Plus, let's be real-- in the real world we wear things more than once!

white bib necklace, f21. nude wedges and geometric print dress, ross.


  1. Personally, I love remixes, its unnatural to never only show an item once, plus you can show pieces in a different way every time. :)

    You look fab. Love that necklace and your wedges, plus the colours on that dress are amazing.

    1. Thanks! I totally agree. And besides, I can't afford to buy a whole new outfit all the time lol!

  2. What a gorgeous necklace! And that dress looks absolutely fantastic on you. I love the print.
    And remixes are for winners, you know. I wear things to death, and I photograph them to death. I can only hope I haven't posted that exact look before, but even if I have, that obviously means it's a REALLY good look. Haha.