Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rosie Posie!

Hello again! Today I'm sharing a super duper cute dress that I still cannot believe only cost me $10 (!). The skirt is even lined with a little bit of tulle so that it poofs out nicely. Gah! I love it.

Please disregard the creepy bluish pallor of my legs! Hahaha. I am super pale and the blue carpet on my porch was reflecting onto my legs a little. ;) Hopefully I'll get a teeny tiny bit of color at the beach this weekend. Lord knows I don't really tan but I sure do freckle! ;)

rose print dress, ross. chunky heels, thrifted (fashion bug). emerald necklace, dots. earrings, local shop.


  1. That dress is amazing and what a price! I love a good floral print!

  2. You know I have a love affair with roses! Looks wonderful!