Thursday, March 25, 2010

leopard ootd

Two entries in one day! Whoo! This is because I stayed home from class today to work on my screenplay. For another class. I would say the work is endless, but considering I'm graduating in May, I guess it isn't! :D

Anyway, after chopping off a bit of my hair, I finally got dressed.

Now that I'm seeing these though, I'm not sure about those flats with the length of the jeans. Hrmm. :B

Leopard cardi-thing: Thrifted, M, $1
Black scoop-neck shirt: Thrifted (Old Navy), XXL, $1
Jeans: Wal-mart, 16, $9
Earrings: Kohls, $2
Flats: Wal-mart, so long ago that I don't remember how much I paid for them.

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