Tuesday, March 16, 2010

thrift haul

So the first (and probably my favorite) of my amazing thrift finds during Spring Break was this ridiculous 80s tee. It's yellow. Omg. xD

Here's some of the other stuff from my haul:

1. Mighty awesome equestrian tee. I have NO IDEA how I will make this work, but it was too awesomely weird for me to pass up. Also $1. I actually got this one from a thrift shop in SC right before I left.

2. Detailed tank. I love the little quilted top and straps.

3. Detailed LBD. This dress is insanely soft. I've already got like a gagillion black dresses though, so I might sell this'un. Hrmm.

4. Clock long-sleeve tee. You can't tell from this picture, but there's actually this really awesome bronzy shine to the chains and details on the clock faces.

5. Ruffled short-sleeve cardi. I love the color. I love the ruffles. I love it all.

6. Rolled-sleeve striped henley. This is just an average navy and white striped henley, but I really liked the buttons and the clasps holding the sleeves back.

Also not appearing in this blog post are a really sexy black dress with asymmetrical sequin detailing and a super mini skirt, both of which refused to be photographed with any decency by my cell phone.

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