Thursday, March 18, 2010

st. pat's and publicity

Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day! Slainte!

Except... well, I forgot about it. Good thing my nails happened to be painted an obnoxious acid green color. Everyone all day thought I was really into St. Patty... xD

Black skinnies: Outlet mall in GA (they're tagged "Fragile"), 2, $6
White slub tee: Thrifted, XL, $1
Black flats: Target, 9, I forget... $10 maybe? I've had them for ages.

My fatshion has been rather uninspired this week (for example: today I'm wearing the same black skinnies, with a t-shirt I hacked the collar out of, and a houndstooth cardi). I've been really busy getting together promotional stuff for various events on campus. And apparently other people have recommended my work, because I had a request for a flyer design for an event I'm not even affiliated with.

Here are the most recent ones, if anyone's even remotely interested. (Also, jsyk, all images and textures used on these are all freeware; none of these events are for profit.)

I'm thinking about having some kind of event here at the blog, to attract some more followers. Maybe a give away? Hrmm. What do you think?

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  1. AHA! Love those pointy toe flats love. Sooooo'dorable. XD