Friday, June 25, 2010

casual a plus

I've gotten some things together for the giveaway I promised! The only thing is... well, I honestly can't afford to ship anything right now, so I've got to postpone it. :( I'm really sorry guys! I'm having a really hard time finding a job, and I just graduated from college in May... so needless to say, I'm rather strapped for funds.

I didn't want to just keep you guys in the dark though, so I thought as long as we're thinking about painfully small amounts of cash here, I'd share with you some really cheap, cute buys I've had my eye on.

I don't know how many of you have ever heard of/used casual plus before, but I love them! At first I was a little worried about buying from them, just because the bare layout looks rather irreputable... but they accept paypal, and I can definitely vouge for them as a reliable store. I've bought tons of really cute dresses from them in the past.

I'm especially in love with these newer ones:

1. Denim-look strapless dress, $23.99, 1X-3X
2. Bow-front dotted strapless dress, $24.99, 1X-3X
3. Double v-neck dress w/ bow belt, $28.99, 1X-3X

Casual Plus is mostly Juniors Plus sizes, so you have to take that into an account. I'm a 16/18 with a ~46 inch bust, and the 3X suits me perfectly. They also have a section for 4X-5X with some of the same items.

I really like this embellished top from the 4X-5X section. It looks like a squid!

1. Embellished black top, $15.99, 4X-5X

I've bought these two dresses in the past few months, along with some other cute things that are no longer on the website:

1. Floral cocktail mini, $22.99, 1X-3x and also 4X-5x
2. Black ruffle dress, $14.99, 1X-3X

The site lists the floral cocktail dress as red, but it's actually a really vibrant, rich watermelon pink. I wore it to a wedding and it was amazingly comfortable and stayed put. I sent it through the washer and dryer and it's still in perfect shape with no fading or wear at all, which I know is sometimes a concern for bargain clothes.

The black ruffle dress is astoundingly comfortable. It's made out of breezy lined chiffon and has a smocked waist. I wore it for an eight hour car ride down to FL to visit my family, and it was comfy the whole way there. Not to mention I still got compliments on it after sitting on it in the car for eight hours, haha.

I'll hopefully be able to get some outfit posts up soon! Still searching for that sneaky little camera. Hope all is well with you guys!

Monday, June 7, 2010

flirty skirty

Soooo close to thirty followers! I'm going to start getting things together for that giveaway I promised. :) I'm excited! Thanks guys!

In other news, camera is still lost/misplaced/hiding. CELL PHONE PICS ARE SO AWKWARD.

Or maybe I'm just awkward. Haha. Anyway, please bear with the crap quality for a bit longer until Mr. Camera is ousted from wherever he may lurk.

This outfit is 100% thrifted. Because, let's face it. Even if I wasn't completely broke, I'd probably still only thrift. I LOVE A GOOD DEAL.

In the process of taking these photos, however, I discovered that the lining of the lovely red pencil skirt was a little too stuffy for the weather we've been enjoying in SC this summer. It's already up to 96 degrees these days, so I swapped it out for a shorter, lighter skirt, to this effect:

This skirt is also thrifted. And pink. And I think from ON's maternity line? IDC. xD