Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ikat and White

Hey there, lovelies! PHEW. So, the reason I went a little MIA there is because I started having some major anxiety issues again. I was having some panic attacks and I really had to just take things easy until my doctor could see me. Fortunately he was able to fit me in, and we did a little tinkering with my dosage. So far so good. I think maybe it was triggered by my recent interest in exercising so much. Supposedly that can trigger panic attacks in people who have anxiety. To me that's a little ironic since I've always heard that excercise is sooo beneficial to your mental health. Not for me, haha! Now that my dosage has been upped I'm slowly starting to incorporate exercise back in.

So these photos are actually from a couple weeks ago, before all that unpleasantness. It's already too hot for long sleeves here, if you can believe it. But at the time, this breezy blouse was just the right amount of coverage and lightweight fabric for that bizarre in between weather. Also, I love that little cutout on the back, but I could NOT get that little flap of fabric on the inside to quit sticking up. I guess I'll put a little stitch in there to hold it down.

I know there's some rule about what part of the year you're "supposed" to wear white pants, but honestly I don't even know what it is. I am so disinterested in any kind of fashion "rules," it's ridiculous! I do what I want. ;)

Anywho, things are getting back to normal around here, so yay! Hope all of you are doing fabulously as well.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Sequined Sweater Dress

When this post reaches you, I will be knee deep in the trenches of youth. Haha! No, really. We are volunteering to help out with a youth retreat for church this weekend. I'm a little excited and a little nervous. Mostly nervous because of my fun friend Mr. Anxiety, but so far I'm making it through. I was never involved with a youth group when I was a kid, so part of me is looking forward to sharing that experience. Even if it's as a lame adult! ;)

We'll be home Sunday, so hopefully I'll have another round of outfits to share starting Monday. I'm hoping for shorts, but we'll see what the weather has in mind.

You may have noticed that I made a few minor improvements to the blog layout. I thought it was time to update things just a little bit. Overall I'm still happy with the clean, basic design. But my header image still had me rocking super long red locks, which hasn't been the case for over a year now! I hope you like the fresh touches.

I bought this sweater dress ages ago. I was hoping to wear it for NYE... and then ended up ringing in the new year in pajamas. No regrets! Anyway, I look fab in it, and that's what counts, right?

Well, I'm hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! Hopefully I will survive mine as well. See you on the flip side!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quilted Dress and Studded Flats

The sun is out! Hallelujah! I'm so excited that summer is just around the corner. I love warm weather SO much. I love wearing short shorts and rolling around in my car with the windows down.

This June is my grandma's 90th birthday. Can you believe it? She's a huge part of my life. She moved in with my parents about four years ago. But even when I was small I spent a few nights a week at her house. She is hilarious and plainspoken, sometimes painfully so, haha! Anyway, for her birthday we are driving up to my aunt's house in Maine to have a big party. Then from Maine we will be headed out west again for the second summer in a row!

I'm so excited that I actually have the freedom to travel now. I'd probably do it even more if I was able to financially. I guess that's life!

I don't know if you can tell from these photos, but this navy blue dress has an awesome quilted texture. It's a sturdy ponte knit and I'm so in love with it. I think wearing it over this chambray button down gives it a spunky little kick. These shoes were an amazing score from Gabe's, for $7. You can't really beat that!

What's summer going to look like for you guys? Any exciting plans?

quilted dress, ross. chambray button down, thrifted. burgundy studded flats, gabe's. jeweled necklace, wal-mart.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Grandpa Green and Pale Pink

Hey there, kids! I'm trying to grow out my pixie cut, and it is officially driving me CRAZY. And it's only been three months! I'm not sure I'm going to make it, haha! I'm heading out west again this Summer (yay!) and I'm dreading dealing with awkward hair in the blazing Nevada heat. But I've told myself I will trek on, at least until right before my trip, and see how far I can get. I don't want it to be super long again-- I'm thinking bob length.

Happily my husband's work seems to be giving him back some of his hours, so that's taken a ton of stress from the both of us. Things are still tight financially, but we're scraping by. Phew!

I found this sweater at a thrift store ages ago, and I've been waiting for the perfect temperature to wear it. It's pretty warm, but not warm enough for crazy freezing temps. Luckily the perfect day presented itself, and voila! Textured grandpa sweater was victorious.

I paired it with these pale pink skinnies that have a metallic gold fleck on them, but that really didn't come across in any of these photos. Shucks! You'll just have to take my word for it. I'm pretty pale so I'm always a little hesitant to reach for such a pastel color. But I think it works here, paired with the saturated green knit.

That's all for now! I'm still working on getting some finished embroidery pieces up for sale. Stay tuned! Follow me on tumblr or instagram if you are interested in seeing progress pictures. :)

textured sweater, thrifted. pale pink skinnies, target (old). wedge booties, kmart. peter pan necklace, f21. opal studs, antique shop.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nerd It Up: Captain Marvel

Hey there! Welcome to Nerd It Up! This is a feature on the blog where I put together plus-size looks inspired by nerd culture. This week the inspiration comes from the comic book hero, Captain Marvel! She is currently my faaaavorite comic book character. If you're not familiar with Carol Danvers here, she's slated to get the first female-led Marvel movie title in 2018. She's basically a fiery, fist-first, smart-mouthed, sassy, completely awesome chick. Her powers include super strength, flight, and "the ability to shoot concussive energy bursts from her hands," according to Marvel's website. But even cooler than that is before she had any superpowers, Carol Danvers was already a Colonel in the Air Force and trained in hand-to-hand combat. My favorite quality of hers is her sassiness. She says what she thinks and she doesn't put up with garbage. I'm so excited for her movie to come out already!

Anyway, here are a few looks that I've put together that were inspired by Earth's Mightiest Hero, Captain Marvel!

Captain Marvel Inspired

Captain Marvel Inspired 2

Captain Marvel Inspired 3