Monday, January 10, 2011

snowy season

I'm sure most of you know by now (as I mention it quite often) that I'm not a native of South Carolina, but rather from a much more temperate, tropical clime-- the lovely land of Florida. Those of you with any familiarity with the region will understand that I am extremely unaccustomed to having anything to do with snow at all. Period. In fact I'd never even seen snow in person until my first year at Furman, during Winter term when I was 19.

Well, today in South Carolina we got a whopping nine-ten inches of snow. Which is ridiculous for me, and also, this area. I live in the piedmont of the Appalachians, but we only generally see a few inches of snow a year. Needless to say the world has pretty much shut down as a result. But, I have to admit... it was beautiful. So my roommate (fellow Floridian) and I decided to venture out for a few minutes today and snap a few shots.

jacket; Cato, from the dawn of time
acid wash skinnies; Torrid
horrible boots; Target, about four years ago
long-sleeve tee; stolen gift from my boyfriend
circle scarf; F21