Monday, March 29, 2010

some thrifting (shock!)

Hey! First of all, huge thanks to the new followers. I really appreciate logging on and finding out somebody has added my blog to their reading list! ;D Seriously, it makes my day.

Anyway, I've got a few thrift finds to share! I tried using my actual camera for this post. It's rather tempermental... it really only takes pictures that aren't blurry in natural light. And since I have no tripod and am usually occupied until the evening hours, that's not always an easy arrangment to come by for photo ops. But-- onward!

The first is this AWESOME dress...

Something I'd definitely like to point out about this dress is that it's vintage and tagged as a size 8. Now, obviously I'm no size 8, people. Try stuff on! It might not fit like the maker 'intended,' but that doesn't always mean you have to disregard it completely!

I have no idea how to wear this thing though. The print is SO bold that my first inclination was to wear it with my cropped denim jacket. But that just doesn't agree with the shape of this dress-- something about a jacket hitting near the tiered ruffles just looks really frumpy. Ideas?


I also found these fantastic ankle boots, with cute little cut-out detail.


AND a pair of Rocket Dog moccassins that are soooo soft.

My cousin's coming up to SC from TX to live with me in the next few months (YAY!), and we've been talking about how we'd like to decorate our apartment. We're thinking cute little English cottage-type vintage details. So when I saw this vase-thing for $2, I picked it up.

The top of it is a little chipped... but I figure that just adds to the charm. ;D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

leopard ootd

Two entries in one day! Whoo! This is because I stayed home from class today to work on my screenplay. For another class. I would say the work is endless, but considering I'm graduating in May, I guess it isn't! :D

Anyway, after chopping off a bit of my hair, I finally got dressed.

Now that I'm seeing these though, I'm not sure about those flats with the length of the jeans. Hrmm. :B

Leopard cardi-thing: Thrifted, M, $1
Black scoop-neck shirt: Thrifted (Old Navy), XXL, $1
Jeans: Wal-mart, 16, $9
Earrings: Kohls, $2
Flats: Wal-mart, so long ago that I don't remember how much I paid for them.

hair attempt and nails

I've needed a haircut for a while (as you've probably noticed)... but I'm so dang poor I have literally not been able to afford even a trim. Well, I finally got tired of putting up with my too-long bangs looking like crud. So I watched a few YouTube videos, and took some scissors to my head.

I have never cut my hair before, so I was really nervous about messing it up. I didn't take too much off. Results below, let me know what you think.

Oh! And I also found this fabulous nail polish I forgot to mention in my last post. It's called "Sunset Shimmer" and it's from Icing. I got it on clearance for $2. I thought it'd be a little more orange from the bottle, but it's actually a perfect, perfect pale peach.

lol my head.

flower rufflesssss

Making progress on the DIY flower appliques! I'm not very good at sewing yet... but I'm the kind of person who learns by leaping into things headfirst, so I've already got a pile of projects and things that I'm trying to work out with just a needle and some thread. I'm an artistic person by nature; the need to explore these kinds of things burrows into my skeleton and demands attention.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of lame thanks to a gnarly ear infection (seriously-- look at the size of these pills I have to take!), so I decided to get started on these puppies.

The first step was to google "make your own floral appliques," which got me nowhere. So I tried "make fabric flowers," and found my way to this round-up of flower tutorials! I decided to use a combination of techniques from the lifelike ribbon peonies and the ribbon/button flowers tutorials for my own flowers.

I cut some fabric pieces from an old blouse and a t-shirt I never wear, and made them into these:

To me they look more like vaguely flower-shaped ruffles... but I still like them. I think I'm going to practice a few more before I decide which to affix to some boring articles lying around my apartment. I think I'm going to track down some cheap thrifted tops to stitch some flowers to as well, for a bit of practice.

No outfit post today! The weather was really weird. It started out at 42 degrees and ended up at 73. I just bummed around in a tank-top and skinnies, with a cardigan tossed over to keep me warm during the awkward chilly period.

Ta! xoxo

Monday, March 22, 2010

ootd and floral appliques

It's warm again! Hurrah! As I remind my boyfriend when he teases me for always being cold, I spent the first eighteen years of my life exclusively in a tropical climate. So the return of sunshine to campus is much, much appreciated. This weekend was cheery and sunny (except for the latter end of yesterday, during which I began referring to said boyfriend as "Noah"), so I wanted to wear something with a soft, cheery palette. Here's what I came up with.

I swear I don't actually have feet that turn inwwards... I turn my feet like that when I'm trying to be cute. I have no idea why.

Top: Some random shop in the Anderson mall, I forget what it was called, 2X, $3
Jeans: Wal-Mart, 16, $9
Cognac cut-out flats: Payless (eons ago), 9, I can't remember how much I paid for them
Earrings: Apt 9, Kohls, $2

I thought this was pretty awesome... these tops are almost identical to the one I was wearing at Kohls (and in these shots). Except mine was $3.

I just don't know how people afford so much money on clothes. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but as much as I love clothes, I have a hard time justifying that much money on one item. Maybe it's a symptom of having a thrifting gene, I don't know.

For example, found this top that I LOVE LOVE LOVE at Kohls... but it's $25 on sale. So unless it magically drops to the $10 region, I'll be passing.

I've been seeing a lot of floral appliques on... well, everything, lately. I wandered into Charlotte Russe yesterday, despite the fact that nothing from there will probably ever fit me. But I'm a big proponent of TRY TRY TRY! so there I went. I didn't find anything that particularly appealed to me, but I did see a lot of the floral appliques I mentioned.

Here are a few screencaps from CR's website, with links through if anyone's interested in teensy clothes. ;D

Anyway, the point is that I spent some time pulling, prodding, and peeking at these... and I think with some ribbon, netting, and a bit of patience, I can add some similar detailing to some otherwise boring tops just sitting around in my room. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

st. pat's and publicity

Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day! Slainte!

Except... well, I forgot about it. Good thing my nails happened to be painted an obnoxious acid green color. Everyone all day thought I was really into St. Patty... xD

Black skinnies: Outlet mall in GA (they're tagged "Fragile"), 2, $6
White slub tee: Thrifted, XL, $1
Black flats: Target, 9, I forget... $10 maybe? I've had them for ages.

My fatshion has been rather uninspired this week (for example: today I'm wearing the same black skinnies, with a t-shirt I hacked the collar out of, and a houndstooth cardi). I've been really busy getting together promotional stuff for various events on campus. And apparently other people have recommended my work, because I had a request for a flyer design for an event I'm not even affiliated with.

Here are the most recent ones, if anyone's even remotely interested. (Also, jsyk, all images and textures used on these are all freeware; none of these events are for profit.)

I'm thinking about having some kind of event here at the blog, to attract some more followers. Maybe a give away? Hrmm. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

thrift haul

So the first (and probably my favorite) of my amazing thrift finds during Spring Break was this ridiculous 80s tee. It's yellow. Omg. xD

Here's some of the other stuff from my haul:

1. Mighty awesome equestrian tee. I have NO IDEA how I will make this work, but it was too awesomely weird for me to pass up. Also $1. I actually got this one from a thrift shop in SC right before I left.

2. Detailed tank. I love the little quilted top and straps.

3. Detailed LBD. This dress is insanely soft. I've already got like a gagillion black dresses though, so I might sell this'un. Hrmm.

4. Clock long-sleeve tee. You can't tell from this picture, but there's actually this really awesome bronzy shine to the chains and details on the clock faces.

5. Ruffled short-sleeve cardi. I love the color. I love the ruffles. I love it all.

6. Rolled-sleeve striped henley. This is just an average navy and white striped henley, but I really liked the buttons and the clasps holding the sleeves back.

Also not appearing in this blog post are a really sexy black dress with asymmetrical sequin detailing and a super mini skirt, both of which refused to be photographed with any decency by my cell phone.