Saturday, March 6, 2010

shoot girl

Still haven't heard anything about my cat... but midterms ended today! I choose to focus on that for the time being. :)

This is nothing fancy, as I was really looking for something comfy to wear whilst scooting about town with my man. But then I saw myself in one of those reflective pillars in Kohl's and realized YOU CAN SEE MY WHOLE BODY. So I went a little photo crazy. Which was only awkward when a passing lady caught me making faces at myself.

These jeans are my favorite atm... they're the gray acid wash skinnies Torrid has right now. They're a size 16 from Lip Service, and they fit me perfectly-- which is why I snagged the hot pink pair as soon as someone put them up in a fats sales post a couple weeks ago. I like that the acid wash is more subtle; it's an interesting little detail, but it doesn't knock you over.

The green top is originally from Cato, but I got it during $1 Dollar Day at the local Goodwill. It clings to my tummy a little bit sometimes, but I don't really care about that... me and the belly have come to terms.

My poor black jacket has seen better days. It's from Missphit from a couple years ago, and it was probably my first truly fatshionable purchase. It's got tons of cute little details that don't show up in these cell pics, like big round buttons and slightly puffed sleeves. It's started to look a little ragged though. I think it's near retirement age, sadly.

Kohls is having a big 40% off sale on sunglasses, so me and the beau got a pair each.

I'm thinking in the near future I'm going to compile a list of what DIY's I've got in mind. I'm slowly teaching myself to sew, and I'm more of the jump-in-with-both-feet kind of learner, so you can imagine what my projects look like right now.

Taking a day off before driving the long journey home to FL for Spring Break. So I leave you with this! <3

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