Monday, March 29, 2010

some thrifting (shock!)

Hey! First of all, huge thanks to the new followers. I really appreciate logging on and finding out somebody has added my blog to their reading list! ;D Seriously, it makes my day.

Anyway, I've got a few thrift finds to share! I tried using my actual camera for this post. It's rather tempermental... it really only takes pictures that aren't blurry in natural light. And since I have no tripod and am usually occupied until the evening hours, that's not always an easy arrangment to come by for photo ops. But-- onward!

The first is this AWESOME dress...

Something I'd definitely like to point out about this dress is that it's vintage and tagged as a size 8. Now, obviously I'm no size 8, people. Try stuff on! It might not fit like the maker 'intended,' but that doesn't always mean you have to disregard it completely!

I have no idea how to wear this thing though. The print is SO bold that my first inclination was to wear it with my cropped denim jacket. But that just doesn't agree with the shape of this dress-- something about a jacket hitting near the tiered ruffles just looks really frumpy. Ideas?


I also found these fantastic ankle boots, with cute little cut-out detail.


AND a pair of Rocket Dog moccassins that are soooo soft.

My cousin's coming up to SC from TX to live with me in the next few months (YAY!), and we've been talking about how we'd like to decorate our apartment. We're thinking cute little English cottage-type vintage details. So when I saw this vase-thing for $2, I picked it up.

The top of it is a little chipped... but I figure that just adds to the charm. ;D


  1. Those are amazing finds! I totally have thrifting envy right now! I say wear the dress just as you have it! It looks great with the belt.

  2. Aw, that vase is adorable. And that dress is awesome! I would just keep it with a simple black crop cardi and the belt. Look great!

  3. That dress is amazing! Wow, haha. Due to the shoulder detailing, I don't think it needs a jacket/cardigan, rock it as it is!

  4. Ye gods, that dress is amazing. I agree with the above, don't wear a jacket or cardigan or anything if you don't have to (i.e., if the weather is cooperating). If you do, a simple black cardigan, probably cropped, would do best.

    The belt looks great, and for shoes I'd say keep it simple - pumps or flats in black or another neutral, or in a color that matches one of the dress's colors.

  5. That dress is killer! I can't believe anyone would let that go but good thing they did because it looks great on you! And the icing on the cake? Its a size 8 :) Great finds!

  6. Wow! Thanks for all the advice and compliments, everyone! <3