Thursday, March 25, 2010

flower rufflesssss

Making progress on the DIY flower appliques! I'm not very good at sewing yet... but I'm the kind of person who learns by leaping into things headfirst, so I've already got a pile of projects and things that I'm trying to work out with just a needle and some thread. I'm an artistic person by nature; the need to explore these kinds of things burrows into my skeleton and demands attention.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of lame thanks to a gnarly ear infection (seriously-- look at the size of these pills I have to take!), so I decided to get started on these puppies.

The first step was to google "make your own floral appliques," which got me nowhere. So I tried "make fabric flowers," and found my way to this round-up of flower tutorials! I decided to use a combination of techniques from the lifelike ribbon peonies and the ribbon/button flowers tutorials for my own flowers.

I cut some fabric pieces from an old blouse and a t-shirt I never wear, and made them into these:

To me they look more like vaguely flower-shaped ruffles... but I still like them. I think I'm going to practice a few more before I decide which to affix to some boring articles lying around my apartment. I think I'm going to track down some cheap thrifted tops to stitch some flowers to as well, for a bit of practice.

No outfit post today! The weather was really weird. It started out at 42 degrees and ended up at 73. I just bummed around in a tank-top and skinnies, with a cardigan tossed over to keep me warm during the awkward chilly period.

Ta! xoxo

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