Saturday, October 9, 2010

mountain family

So this isn't an especially fashionable outfit per se... but I was showing my folks around town today and needed something comfortable. My family has lived in Florida for age upon age, so when they were coming up this way to visit me in my new apartment, I had to show them the mountains up close and personal. In case you've never been there, Florida is completely and totally flat. Seriously. I only remember one really tall hill back home, and it's the tallest point in Florida-- Sugar Loaf Mountain.

But anyway, here are a few pics from today!

It's funny how I used to think it was gross how in love my parents are... now I just feel blessed to have such a great couple in my life.

My mom is really short, and was evidently pretty excited to be taller than me for once, haha!

That top actually means a lot to me. My cousin left it with me last time she was here and told me I could just keep it. I really miss her, so I think about her every time I wear it. Why does she have to be all the way in Texas?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm back!

Well hey! Look who's alive! Sorry for the massive lapse here... life was in limbo for more than a little while. Graduated from college in May, moved into an apartment, became an official SC resident (but, truthfully, always a FL girl), worked at Target for a brief stint before landing a fantastic job downtown. Things are finalllllyyy starting to reach an equilibrium again, and I can honestly say that I'm pretty ecstatic about it.

Not to mention that today is actually my 23rd birthday! My roomskie, Iz, took me out to my favorite Chinese place. Check out what I wore:

The roomskie and I!

Finishing touches to fend off the impending mountain chill.

If you haven't already, now's definitely the time to hit up your local Kohl's. I dropped in a few days ago and they have booku stuff on 80% off. I snagged this bodice-detailed dress and another one in black for $10 each. The crochet tights are from K-Mart from the beginning of this year, and the blazer is a vintage find that I've had for eons.

I will also freely admit that I channeled Olivia over at an olive a day (one of my faves!) when I was posing... they say immitation is the greatest flattery, right? xD