Friday, February 26, 2010

early bird

Today was long. It was my own fault though. Serious senioritis in late stages meant that I didn't start studying for a test I had today until yesterday. Which meant I woke up at 6:00 AM to fit in a little more study time before heading off to work for my 8 AM shift. You will note a distinct lack of smiling teeth in these outfit shots, lulz.

Also, they are purposely artsy fartsy. Why not? I love seeing all the creative hipster kids over at lookbook. Why not fat kids, too?

Click for larger version.

Floral crochet-trim tank: Gap, XXL, $2 on final clearance
Nude be-spotted cardi: Thrifted, XL, $2
Boot-cut medium wash jeans: Old Navy (via Bealls Outlet), 16, $9
Not pictured are my seafoam green studs and gray Converses, which were both gifts.

I actually wanted to wear some cute flats with this but 1) it was 25 degrees out this morning, and I'm from Florida for God's sake, and 2) I have a really grody infected former blister on my foot that will require some babying until it heals.

Started feeling bad in Screenwriting today. I think it was a combination of lack of sleep, stress, and caffeine consumption. Those things seem to always aggravate my Panic Disorder. Anywho, rather than running to a bathroom stall and waiting the thing out, I've been trying some techniques my counselor directed me to (here, if anyone is interested) and it REALLY helped. I only felt bad for fifteen minutes tops, which is so much better than losing an entire day to Panic. When I started feeling the symptoms, I freaked out for a second before I remembered what I'd learned-- then I just basically just told the Anxiety to give me its best shot. It subsided a while after that. Still wasn't exactly a picnic, but at least I didn't miss any class. Yay!

Anyway, soon I'm going to compile a list of Spring wants... also probably some music I want. I'm in such a music rut right now. Any suggestions?

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