Monday, April 19, 2010

las montanas

I feel like I haven't updated you guys in FOREVER. So sorry... the end of my senior year of college is fast approaching (one full week of classes, OMG OMG) and I'm finding myself sort of freaking out about what my future will be like. My passion is writing, and I chose to major in a related field (English), but now I'm struggling to decide on what I should do in terms of a career. I've been looking into advertising firms and the like, since that seems the most likely place I'd be able to exercise my creativity and still be able to eat. Maybe a copywriter? I don't know much about that. Must exercise Google-fu more.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from another trip to the mountains that I've been meaning to post for a while now. The beau's mom's best friend (COMPLEXITY) has a house in the mountains near here, so all of us went up for a little weekend mini vacation.

And of course... no day is complete without a short trip to Target to try on random clearance items. I actually had to change into a different shirt when we went, thanks to an unfortunate mustard-squelching accident.

This is what I wore there. ^

I liked the colors in this dress, but the band was just a smidge too tight for my tastes.

Also tried on my first romper. You can probably tell how I felt about the result, haha.

I ended up buying this dress, but the picture came out really dark so I dont' know how much of it you can actually see. I'll have to do an outfit post featuring it in the near future.

Also! I'm thinking I might hunt down a blogger meme or something I can fill out and post, just to give you guys a little more information about who I am personally. If anyone knows of something like that, go ahead and drop me a line! :)


  1. I actually liked the romper on you, lol! But I was about to comment on your basic black/white outfit. Sometimes simple is best! Love it.

  2. the photo of the green bench and red flowers is sooooo cool! LOVE IT !!! It would be a great widget photo!

  3. Gazel; Thanks! I'm not opposed to rompers in general, but this one looked really bad on me, haha. I didn't capture the essence of it, I think-- it like poofed out around where the "waist" is supposed to be. Except that's not where my waist is, so I looked... lumpy in weird places. IDK. xD

    Reva; Thank you! It was such a cute little town. But I saw those flowers and had to snap a shot.

  4. I like the romper on you girl! But really loved that dress