Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday

We had glorious weather this weekend, it was so great! Snagged some quality time with my fiance. We went and saw a movie, which I hated, haha. But it was still nice just to spend some time together. Very relaxing! Especially with all the wedding planning coming to a head. Only two months left until the big day!

striped peplum top, jcpenney's. skinnies, jessica simpson c/o marshalls. studded sandals, kmart. geometric necklace, dots.

Seriously, look how cute my guy is!!


  1. Oo what movie did you see? You look lovely btw x

    1. Thanks doll! <3 We went to see Jack the Giant Slayer. I really really wanted to like it, but it was pretty sexist. Literally one woman in the entire thing and she's pretty useless. So disappointing to me when they do that!