Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nerd It Up: Penny Dreadful

Hello lovelies! Welcome to Nerd It Up! This is a feature on the blog where I put together plus-size looks inspired by nerd culture. This week the inspiration comes from the brand new tv show, Penny Dreadful. If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely tune in! It's a dark, creepy, supernatural, Gothic adventure. Starring Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, no less! I was blown away by how eerie and intriguing it is.

1. Toothy Grin Top
2. Rosebud Print Leggings
3. Black Lace Choker
4. Sleek Pointed Oxfords

5. Railroad Stripe Overall Dress
6. Pleated Geo Button Jacket
7. Where You'll Lead Necklace
8. Peep-Toe Mesh Booties

9. Enchanted Floral Lace Top
10. Floral Embossed Slit Midi Skirt
11. Western Ways Booties
12. Chic Open-Knit Bowler Hat
13. Six Shooter Earrings

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