Thursday, May 22, 2014


WELL, today was quite the day for me! I had an eary morning appointment with the lady doctor... and I somehow managed to get lost on the way. AHH! I'm terrible, terrible with directions so it's really not that surprising, but it was still pretty stressful. I finally managed to figure out where I was and was only a few minutes late. Yay!

Anyway, the real triumph is that I still rolled into work looking like a cute little sparkle! I am totally addicted to these pink sunglasses, and this top reminds me of Art Nouveau (which I love). Also, do those earrings not look like awesome little gills?

sequin top, f21+. skinny jeans, jessica simpson c/o marshalls. fan earrings, thrifted. pink sunnies, zennioptical. burgundy flats, old navy.

1 comment:

  1. This whole outfit = super awesome! I love the top! My Mum gets lost super easy, she can walk out of a shop and forget which direction she has to go!