Sunday, April 28, 2013

Believe in Love

Hello, my loves! We're on day 2 of continuous rain here in SC. It's been pretty relaxing to be cozied up on the couch and listening to the quiet drizzle. There's just something soothing about that sound! As a kid I grew up in a mobile home, and although we didn't have much space, one thing I have always missed about it is the sound of rain on the roof at night.

Anywho, here's what I wore to eat lunch and work on some premarital counseling homework with my beau!

sweater, old navy. skinnies, jessica simpson c/o marshalls. ear cuff, icing. opal earrings, antique. cut-out brogues, marshalls.

And bonus pic with the soon to be hubs. :)


  1. You and your fiance are so cute! Love the colour of those skinnies & your ear cuff. :)

  2. Too cute!
    Plus, you totally dressed for the occasion, didn't you? Haha.

    1. LOL I didn't even realize that, but I guess I did! Thank you!

  3. Super cute! Its hard to find great casual looks but you nailed it :D