Saturday, April 20, 2013

Busy Weekend Dress

Hi there! Today was a pretty full day for me. This morning I went to my first ever sewing class. It was so great! I've really been wanting to learn how to operate a sewing machine so that I can do my own alterations and eventually make some clothes. Baby steps, though. It's a lot harder than it looks! Today I made a pillowcase and I'm super proud of it. :)

I also went to a friend's wedding directly after that, so I needed something that would be appropriate for a casual wedding as well. On top of that the wedding was up in the mountains, which is historically about 10 degrees cooler than the temperatures here in the foothills, so I needed something that would be comfortable in warm and cooler weather. Here's what I came up with!

printed jacket, f21+. lace yoke dress, ross. geometric earrings, f21. studded sandals, kmart.

And just because I'm so proud of it-- the pillowcase I made!


  1. Wow sewing how fun, I took a class a few years ago and it was fun but i had to stop it cuz I moved away. But I made a pillow case as well and till this day I still use it. hehe Your's is super cute with the red. Your dress is really cute, dang you really do find great things at your ross! I can't wait to see the other things you sew, don't forget to share them with us!


    1. Oh no! Maybe you'll get to take another class someday soon. I really loved it. I've done some hand sewing before and I was really blown away by how much faster it is to use a machine... which should probably be super obvious, but that's me, lol. I'll be sure to keep sharing!

  2. Excellent pillowcase! I took sewing classes as a kid, and occasionally endured my mom teaching me to make things, but I've never quite had the patience for sewing, even with a machine. It's odd, though, cause I love knitting. Hm.
    I have those earrings! Just, in a more gunmetal shade. They're so cool, and look great on you. Danglies are so weird, though!
    Finally, this outfit is a great one. I love that jacket!

    1. Thanks!! I've never so much as touched a sewing machine before so it was pretty new to me. I've hand sewn some minor things before but that was all done by intuition and occasionally youtube videos, haha!