Monday, September 22, 2014

Hair Adventures! And Reuniting with Coral

Hello, loves! So yesterday I bid adieu to my awesome coral hair. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I really missed wearing all the pinks and corals I have in my closet. I just thought it was a little bit overkill to have pink hair and a matching ensemble, haha. It was totally fun while it lasted, though! Even all the weird looks I got shot while running around town.

I actually tried to dye it a dark chocolate brown... and ended up with GREEN. And not a cool, intentional green, either. It was like the olive green color of army fatigues. Yikes!! I did it myself with kool aid. I know. I never got past 15-years-old.

But I actually fixed it with kool aid too, so there's that! After a little googling I realized that it happened because the top part of my hair was so yellow. So I added a little pinkish red over the top and voila! Back to my natural color.

So! It's not the dark brown I wanted, but at least it's nice looking. I'll probably give dark brown another try once my poor little scalp has had some R&R.

How about you? What's going on with your hair?! :D

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