Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Love Your Self(ie)!

I used to hate, hate, hate having my picture taken. I was so insecure and so not into the way that I looked, I just hated seeing pictures of myself. Folks, that is so wrong and messed up! Taking pictures of yourself is one of the most positive (and in my experience, most successful) ways of learning to love yourself and your body. Study your shape, your face, your everything. Memorize every freckle and line and curve, and eventually (I promise!) you will start to see the beauty in it all.

I think the emergence of the "selfie" is one of the most beneficial things out there for anyone with body image issues. For one thing, sharing a bunch of selfies is empowering to other people just like you! Who doesn't want to see pictures of some cute person, doing their thing, feeling confident and beautiful? NO ONE. Confidence, like happiness, is contagious. The more positive images of real, everyday people you can surround yourself with, the most you will start to feel like that could be you.

The reason I seriously love this shirt is, obviously, (hellooooo) because I'm a big promoter of its message. 1.) LOVE YOURSELF. and 2.) TAKING SELFIES IS A GREAT WAY TO DO THAT. I had to have it as soon I saw it hanging on the rack. Cute cold shoulders were a plus, too!

Be rebellious-- don't listen to the messages inherent in media and our culture that tell you you aren't good enough or pretty enough. Because you are! I PROMISE!

I'm so passionate about people feeling good in their own skin. Please, if you haven't already tried it, take some selfies! You don't even have to share them with the world if you're not ready yet. This exercise is just for you. Stretch those self-love muscles and eventually you will be a body positive champion. And take it from me, that's a good thing to be.

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  1. I've totally been thinking about starting some sort of "selfie-a-day" thing, for all the reasons in your post. My body-image is mountains above where it was just a few years ago, but you can never love yourself too much! I've also been trying to get used to how I look without makeup, and I think taking selfies could help that. Not that I think there's anything wrong with wearing makeup, I just like the idea of wearing it because it's fun or you enjoy it, and not just because you feel like you have to/need to.