Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Wedding - Part II

Hello, loves! Today I'm going to share the rest of our wedding photos with you. There are so many wonderful ones it was tough to choose which ones I wanted to post on the blog. I hope you can get some idea of the general feeling of the day from the ones I chose. We tried to keep things relaxed and fun, but still special. All in all I really think our wedding was as perfect as it could have been! Our photographers, Ector and Kristina from 33 and a Third Photography, were so bubbly and wonderful to be around. They did a really good job at making us feel comfortable and catching genuine smiles and laughter. :)

The antique lanterns on the tables are from much time spent scouring etsy. The mason jar toasting glasses were made from vintage candlesticks and jars by my best friend's mother. She also made us a pretty spectacular scrapbook with our engagement photos that we will treasure for many years.

My advice to other brides is pretty simple: figure out what's important to you and go for it! Decide what things you want from the start and be willing to compromise on everything else. It will help you in the long run to let other people help you, and seeing all the little things that your family and friends did come together on your big day is a huge payoff. Don't be afraid to decide which traditions are important to you and which just aren't! My aunt officiated our ceremony, I had a bridesman, and my husband had a best lady! And guess what? The world did not come to a screeching halt-- and more importantly we got to share the first moment of our marriage with the people we loved.

With that I have to leave you with our amazing photobooth pictures. These were some of our favorite photos of the day! The one of my parents just slays me.


  1. So cute! It sounds like it was an amazing day. :)

  2. Ha! We're standing exactly alike! Love you Laurs and Trav!

  3. Love the vibe of your wedding. Your dress is gorgeous, and you look amazing! So beautiful all around! Thanks for sharing your special day!